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Posted 4 years ago

Murs - And This is For…

Up until they learn balance and it’s obvious you haven’t
With way more ego than you have true talent

Any white boy who thinks he knows my struggle
Cause he listens to Pac and his adrenaline doubles
Now I ain’t got problems with you being yourself
But when you front and use the N word, it just don’t help
I might not trip, and your friends’ll laugh at you
But I know some real niggaz that’ll straight up slap you
Now you could be down, but let’s act growed up
Cause we ain’t the same color when police show up
My culture’s not a trend, being Black is not in
But for you it’s just a phase you’re gonna have to transcend
While even if I tried, I could never blend in

You relate to their stories cause you share that past
Question is, why would you listen to MURS’ Black ass?

It’s more than something that you hear, it’s something that you feel
When the author and experience and passion is real

Posted 4 years ago

Murs - Breakup (The OJ Song)

i aint gone lie , sometimes i jus dnt feel you
but find another man , and i just might kill you

Posted 4 years ago


since his bday was yesterday and i forgot ta post this song .

Posted 4 years ago


Dirty Girl by Felt

via andeeeee


Posted 4 years ago

in one wk .

this shit drops .